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Barber’s Style Guide

Barber’s Style Guide

5 pro-tips that make you stand out as a hairstylist!

1. Keep it crisp

A crisp nice shirt talks volumes about itself. Keep it crisp and let the magic begin!

2. Neatly put up hair

You practice what you preach. It is very essential for a stylist to keep themselves prim in order to let the customer feel they are in the right hands, of the right person!

3. Wear your profession

An accessory that sets you apart from everyone else.

4. A warm smile.

They say “A smile is the universal language of kindness” be sure to wear one!

5. A positive attitude.

A stylist comes across plenty of customers every day, having a positive attitude can help instill that in the customers too, leaving a customer full of positivity will not just help them to feel good but also help in retaining the customer.