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Should I be using a clipper or a trimmer?

Should I be using a clipper or a trimmer?

Both the products have separate uses and are used according to the need and requirements of the user


So what to use when?
We got you!

1. Hair Clipper

A clipper is an electronic device which is crafted to cut hair of all sizes. It comes with different sizes of blades and guiding combs/guards which are attached to the top of the clipper to direct and guide the user in how much hair needs to be cut with which comb/blade.

It is generally used when you have bigger locks and need a haircut. To cut off the longer hair, your hair stylist usually begins by using a hair clipper, getting rid of the most.

Different clippers chop at different lengths, for instance the shortest haircut one can get with a clipper is with a zero sized guard which leaves around 1/16 inch of hair on the scalp.

Even though clippers work of wet hair and dry, it is best recommended to use it on damp hair, for the best results.

2. Hair Trimmer

Trimmers too, are similar to clippers however, trimmers are usually meant for shorter hair, fading and edging the beard and styling it. The blades on a trimmer are thinner which makes it better choice for styling and cutting shorter hair.

The clipper works best if you are looking forward to chop of few inches of your long hair. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to getting a closer shave and have short hair, then a trimmer is what you need to go for.

Although, there are instances where you might need both; for a buzz cut or a buzz cut fade, your will start of clipping the major hair away and the using a trimmer to clean off the look by giving a precise and neat shave.